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1. Misterion: Fluss Kolpa, European Destination of Excellence 2010

1. Misterion river: Kolpa, European Destination of Excellence

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Kolpa, the border river between Slovenia and Croatia, stretches for 292 km, of which 113k m run along the country border with The Republic of Croatia.

The Kolpa river was awarded the prestigious title “European Destination of Excellence – EDEN” in 2010. It is also considered one of the warmest and intact rivers in Slovenia. The river Kolpa offers an intact, picturesque, and invaluable source of the inner peace.

The river is attractive all year round, however, it is particularly popular in summer months, when it is perfect for swimming, as the water temperature rises even up to 30°C. Ideal for fishing and boating!

The river Kolpa is a bubbling source of life! It is home to many birds: stork, grey heron, wild duck,...

More than 30 species of fish live in the clean water of Kolpa River. Otters, beavers and the European pond turtle ( the only endemic Slovenian turtle) live along the river banks. Along the river and in its vicinity you can find organized and earmarked hiking routes.

Many of the mills and sawmills have operated in the past along the Kolpa dams that block the river, and some remains along the river are still visible today. The territory from Stari trg to Fučkovci has been declared a Kolpa RegionalPark.

The Kolpa River offers various sports and recreational activities. The most popular of them are boating, canoeing, kayaking or rafting throughout the river. The river for rowers is not strenuous, it is considered easier and also suitable for beginners. The Kolpa also offers organized fishing. Hiking trails are arranged and marked along the river and its vicinity. Cycling or recreational holidays also provide organized cycling routes.

If you want to dwell on the river banks a while longer, there are also tourist farms, camps, inns, or other accommodation facilities along the river and its surroundings. You will undoubtedly be offered homemade dishes, good wine, and openheartedness.

The campsites by Kolpa River

The campsites in the Bela Krajina (White Carniola) region are located in the immediate vicinity of the Kolpa river, the warmest river in Slovenia. Your stay here will be accompanied by the sound of bubbling water and birdsong. Camping is a proper choice for those who enjoy fishing. The guests keep returning because of the beautiful nature and well-equipped campsites. Modern and ecologically conscious campsites with additional facilities enable you to spend an active vacation exploring the hidden treasures of Bela Krajina. There are hiking trails and bike trails nearby and you are located only a few kilometers away from the vineyards scattered across the hills of Bela Krajina.

Providers: Madronič Prelesje, Camping Bela krajina, Stari pod Adlešiči, Kamp Kolpa Vinica, Kamp Lovšin, Big Berry, Glamping Kolpa Resort, Kamp Krasinec, Turizem Benetič Pri mlinu.

Boating and rafting on Kolpa

If you want to diversify your excursion or holiday, go rafting on the Kolpa. Experience the lively but gentle rapids of the river. Don't worry about safety. As long as you listen to the guide and follow his instructions, there is no reason to worry. Just make sure you have the right clothes and sunblock.

Camping providers:

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  • Camp Podzemelj in Metlika:
  • Camp Big Berry in Metlika:
  • Kamp Slapić in Duga Resa: