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Misterion Archeology: back to the past

2. Misterion Archeology: back to the past

Experience the timeless culture and mystery of the remarkable archaeological site with the help of 3D technology in the archaeological park Kamanje and visit the Belokranjski Museum at the Metliško grad

The area of Misterion (Metlika, Semič, Kamanje) is located on the south-eastern part of Slovenia, in the immediate vicinity of the Croatian capital of Zagreb (30 minutes ' drive). Just shoot from the main road towards the Adriatic Sea and you are already in the heart of a rural area sown with forests and rich in cultural heritage, especially with archaeology.

The archaeological park of Vrlovka is located on the River Kolpa, where there are rich artefacts from the Stone Age. Enter for a moment in the "Neolithic World" of the rude man and see the Cave of Vrlovka, a Neolithic necropolis, which served to the people of the Stone Age as a sanctuary and shelter. With the help of 3D technology, you will be able to fully live in the mysterious past of this area...

The nearby Žumberak is located in the archaeological park of the Trail of Princes from the beginning of the Iron Age (Hallstatt culture). Immerse yourself in the world of tribal princes of Celts and Illiyrians, who have resided in the pre-ancient age in this area before the arrival of the Romans.

Worth seeing in this border area is the old castle of Ozalj with a rich collection of Christian and Turkish weapons, as this border area was the defender of Europe in front of the Turks.

This area has always been very interesting and attractive. This proves the Belokranjski museum, located on the Metlika Castle. It features exhibitions about life in Bela Krajina from prehistoric times to 20. Century. The permanent exhibition is introduced by a 15-minute film called “The Images of Bela Krajina” After having a look you walk through the collections.

The history of Bela Krajina is shown in the cultural historical collection since the creation of the cities in 14. Century to the Ilyirian provinces. Especially the hard times were in the 15th. and century during invasions of Turks, when Bela Krajina has been affected by Turkish plundering. The Ethnological collection shows objects and other materials related to inhabitants of Bela Krajina.