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Misterion: Active Holidays

5. Misterion: Active Holidays

Boating on the Kolpa River, numerous cycling and hiking trails; Smuk, the launch point for hang-gliders and paragliders, panoramic flights from the local airstrip Priložje

- The river Kolpa offers plenty of activities on the water: boating, canoeing, kayaks and rafting, fishing, sup...

Smuk above Semič Smuk is a 546 m high plateau above Semič. Smuk is a starting point for paragliders and hang-gliders and attracts the lovers of these sports from across Slovenia.

- Smuk above Semič: a 547m high plateau; paradise for paragliders
Nature lovers can walk to Smuk from Gaber, pass the Church of St. Primus and Felician, between the vineyards and the vineyard cottages across the slope of the Semiška Gora hill, along the spring and dormouse hunter's educational path until Church of St. Lawrence on Smuk. There are still ruins of the Smuk Castle. Next to the church there is the oak tree on the Smuk hill with lush canopy, which in extent measures 350 cm.

A renewed hunting lodge on Smuk offers refuge in bad weather or severe thirst.

Smuk is giving a good reason to hunters, recreational athlets and nature lovers to leave all troubles behind. The launch point for hang-gliders and paragliders attracts lovers of these sports from all across Slovenia and abroad.

- Karst educational trail from Lebica to Krupa: the water karst cave Lebica, Malikovec and Jewish house (Judovska hiša) , Krupa river spring. The entire route is approximately 15 km long and leads mostly along trails and footpaths. It has several entry points with many shorter walking loops. The main attraction of the trail is the Krupa River, the most watery river in Bela krajina. At the high flow of the river, the water is flowing at a rate of 1000l/s. Along the way, the characteristics of the Karst plain, which is full of many sinkholes and a rocky surface, are revealed. Another proof of the shallow karst world is only a few meters deep sinkhole with a permanent spring called Vodenica and a sinkhole Medvednica. A special feature of the trail is two smaller karst caves: the water karst cave Malikovec and Judovska hiša, which is the only cave in Bela krajina that has been proven to be a Palaeolithic cave. The trail walks you through cultural heritage sites: St. Michael's Church in Vaupča Vas and Pilgrimage Church of the Holy Trinity, ruins of Castle Krupa, the Plague Monument and mills by the river. The karst region with many sinkholes, small springs, stone commons, fern areas, fern forests, the naturally preserved sessile oak and hornbeam forest and the river Krupa is an exceptional outdoor classroom.

The underground is known as the only cave shell site (Congeria Jalzici) in Slovenia. The water in the springs floats the houses of cave snails and cave polychaetes, and occasionally the human fish. There are notable traces of beaver and otter on the shore. The trail is intended for relaxation, recreation, and learning about and learning about natural and cultural heritage, and serves primary school students as a classroom in the nature.

- Mirna gora - a popular hiking spot. The tower offers an extraordinary view of the Bela Krajina region and the view reaches across the Kolpa river to Karlovac and Gorski Kotar in the Republic of Croatia.

Mirna gora is with 1047 meters the highest peak of the hilly outskirts of Bela krajina. The forests form a part of the extensive woodland of Kočevski rog, which together with the neighboring Dinaric plateaus represents one the largest wooded areas in Europe. They are well-known shelters of big beasts. The forests around Mirna gora are also one of the rare breeding grounds of capercaillie in Kočevski rog. In the neighborhood area, there are several abandoned Gottscheer villages such as Planina, Kleč, Škrilj, Ponikve. The mountain lodge on Mirna gora was built in 1929. It has 50 beds, it is the only permanently maintained mountain outpost on Kočevski Rog.

Mirna gora is the starting point of four walking paths: The Forest Education Path Planina - Mirna gora, Along the forest railroad, Shepherd's Path and The Trdina Way.

- The ski center Gače – the only bigger ski resort in this region with 8 km of ski slopes, 5 ski lifts and 565 m altitude. Suitable for beginners and advanced skiers, but also popular sightseeing and excursion point in summer.

Hiking and cycling trails: the popular viewpoint of locals and hikers is certainly the seventeen-meter-high viewing tower at Krašnji Vrh, which offers a magnificent panoramic view of the entire Bela Krajina and much of Croatia. Misterion is full of cycling trails. They bring the traveler to the land of birch through Vahta and Brezje passages. A landscape is full of karst phenomena, meadows, vineyards, fields, and forests.

- Priložje Airstrip